Ms. Daniela’s Master degree

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We are pleased to announce that our Spanish teacher, Daniela Zúñiga, has received her Master’s degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Murcia with an outstanding score of 9, 5 over ten. 

           Congratulations! We appreciate your effort and dedication to Shoreless Lake School in taking this step towards your own academic and professional growth. 

Accepted in the University of Murcia (Spain)

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Carlos J. Martínez and Andrew M. Watson have been accepted in the Department of Classical Philology of the University of Murcia



Carlos J. Martínez (class 2013) achieved excellent scores (scale: 1 - 10) on the Selectividad (the admission test for Spanish universities)

  • Historia de la Filosofía  9.50
  • Inglés 9.00
  • Latín II  9.25
  • Literatura Universal 9.25


Andrew W. Watson (class 2013) also achieved excellent scores on the Selectividad:andy

  • Historia de la Filosofía 8.75
  • Inglés 10.00
  • Latín II 9.50
  • Literatura Universal 7.75


Congratulations to our AP students

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We are pleased to announce that our graduated students attained remarkable results on their AP exams:




Carlos Julio Martínez

  • Biology: 4
  • Latin: 5
  • Calculus AB: 5
  • Spanish Literature and Culture: 5 

Andrew M. Watson

  • Biology: 4
  • Calculus AB: 4
  • English Literature and Composition: 3
  • Latin: 5
  • Spanish Language: 5
  • Spanish Literature and Culture: 5

Nicole L. Bishop 

  • English Lang and Composition: 3
  • English Lit and Composition: 4
  • Spanish Language: 5

    We want to express our gratitude to the teachers who prepared our AP test takers: Father Octavio Carpena, in Biology; Dr. Mooney, in Mathematics; Ms. Silvanna Navarro, in Latin; Ms. Daniela Zúñiga, in Spanish Language and Literature; and Ms. Diana Carles, in English Language and Literature.\r\n

   Once again our congratulations to Carlos Julio Martínez, Andrew Watson, and Nicole Bishop.  Have an excellent remaining summer vacation!'

Field Trips - May 2012

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- Cartagena (Murcia)

SLS Students visited Cartagena (Murcia) on May 9th. Cartagena is a major naval stationlocated in the Region of Murcia" by the Mediterranean Sea". Inhabited for over two millennia and founded around 227 BC during the Phoenician colonies", Cartagena lived its heyday during the Roman Empire, when it was known as Cartago Nova (the New Carthage) and Cartage Spartaria, capital of the province of Cartaginense" 

Among other interesting sites of this magnificent city, our students visited the harbour, and the Roman theater and forum.

cartagena1.jpg cartagena2.jpg








 - Lorca (Murcia)

In another field trip, students hiked through the mountains of Lorca (Murcia) climbing Pericay Ridge and then descending to the Luchena river. After refreshing themselves in the cool clear waters of the Luchena, they traversed the spectacular canyon that leads to the Valdeinfierno dam, which marked the end of the outing.

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