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Following one the recommendations given to us by the Accreditation Team that visited our School last year, we have implemented the relation between the different departments by creating a blog for practically every student. Teachers ask our students to compose articles about different subjects and topics. The preferred areas to write articles are: History, Literature, Science, Music and Latin.

Everyone is welcome to check these blogs and to make comments to the entries. Click on the picture above to follow the links to the master blog

School Science Laboratory

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Over the last few years we have been developing our School Science Laboratory to provide practical experience and demonstrations of some of the chemistry, physics and biology topics that form the Science curriculum.

With the premise that a picture is worth a thousand words, seeing or carrying out a demonstration can be more informative that just hearing about it.

With the generosity of a number of people and organisations, we are gradually accumulating a wide variety of apparatus, equipment and chemicals.

AmoebaOn of the pieces of equipment recently provided is a digital microscope that plugs into a computer, allowing us to view an objet or slide at up to 200 x magnification directly on a computer monitor screen. This means that the whole class can view the item at once rather that queuing to look down a conventional microscope. We can also capture the picture and save it for viewing at another time. This way we are building a library of images, an example is this picture of Amoeba.

Assessment Tests

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test06SLS Primary, Middle and High School students have just finished a series of external assessment tests (Writing Aptitude Test for Primary School; ReadiStep, a preparatory exam for the preliminary SAT, for Middle School; and the actual Preliminary SAT for High School) that will ensure their academic success since such tests provide information about their strengths and weaknesses in vital curricular areas such as Writing, Math, and Critical Thinking. When results arrive, we all at SLS (Administration, Parents, Teachers, Students…) will analyze these results and compare them in terms of individual student progress as well as how such progress fits within the classroom and the curriculum. These tests are a reliable way to compare and contrast our goals while maintaining our quality standards.

Middle State Association

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02 fachadaThe prestigious accrediting agency MSA (Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools) invited one of our staff members, Ms. Diana Carles, to participate in an accreditation visit to Aquinas American School, an institution located in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), from October 13th to the 16th. SLS feels privileged to have had the opportunity to meet extraordinarily competent professionals in the field of education and benefit from their knowledge and expertise in trying to make already good schools better schools. Through Ms. Carles, SLS would like to thank Aquinas American School for its hospitality and hard work.

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