SLS student earns the AP Scholar with Distinction Award

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Nicole Bishop

 Nicole Bishop has received the AP Scholar with Distinction Award after obtaining the following grades in her AP Examinations: 

English Lang and Composition  3
English Lit and Composition     4
Spanish Language                 5
Biology                                3 

Congratulations for a great achievement!

Alumni News

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Carlos Julio Martínez (class 2012) and Andrew Watson (class 2012) are doing very well in the Department of Classical Languages, University of Murcia (Spain).

They both just finished their freshman year with very good grades:

cjulio Carlos Julio Martínez obtained two A+ (Matrícula de Honor) and five A’s (Sobresaliente).  
andy Andrew Watson obtained one A+ and one A.



Bernard Setter

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bernie setterOur dear Bernard (Bernie) Setter, faculty member since 1999-2000, died on Saturday, June 21st. A wonderful friend. Please pray for him.

"I remember exactly when I met Bernie Setter, who sadly died on Saturday 21st June 2014.

Sometime in 2003, the teachers and assistants were meeting as usual in the faculty room at lunch time. In walked Bernie, a very strong, upright man with white hair. He reminded me of my father until he spoke and this accent from somewhere in the south west of England came out, adding to the mixture of accents already existing in the room. His warmth was immediately evident.

When I saw him at the hospital just two days before his death, we spoke at length about the School. The old boys, some of them now priests.

Bernie belonged to the old brigade; he believed in respect and discipline, and he made the comment that “our” job was made easy because the children were under no misapprehension about the requirements expected from them.

Bernie was one of those people whom you remember with warmth, affection, and respect. Even though I did not see him very often over the last few years, he will be missed; and I am sure I speak for many people."

Christine Clark

MSA Accreditation - April 2014

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The past 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of April, the visiting team for the accreditation of Shoreless Lake School from Middle State Association was among us.

Taking some words from Dr. Angela Rufo (chairperson of the visiting team): "Thank you again for a wonderful school visit and visit to Spain!  You and your team were so well prepared for the visit that you really did make our job easy and at the same time difficult ."

We came as your “critical friends.” What I mean by this is that we came to look and listen with discerning eyes and ears as professional friends and colleagues. What we have to say to you is offered in the spirit of our desire to leave you in a better position to achieve your goals than before we arrived.

We asked nearly all of the groups with whom we met to identify what they see as the primary strengths of your school. The responses can be summarized by the words “family”,  “community” and the educational opportunity granted to students who might not be able to afford an excellent education. Many schools talk about being a community of learners, but Shoreless Lake  School is a model of such a community.

From the moment we entered the school, we saw and heard that this is a special place. It is a small school, but it is one that is vibrant with activity. We are in awe of the level of student, staff, and community participation in the life of this school. We are impressed by the degree to which your students involve themselves in the total life of the school. What life skills your students are learning as they live together in the residence! We applaud you for the degree of cooperation among the whole staff – teachers, administrators, and volunteers.

Middle States Association (MSA) Visiting Team

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The dates of the visit (April 7, 8, 9, and 10) are drawing near. The MSA evaluating team will include Dr. Angela Rufo as chairperson, and the following team members:


      • Samuel Landete, IT Coordinator, American School of Valencia, Spain.
      • Hugh Jackson, High School Math, Benjamin Franklin International School, Barcelona, Spain.
      • Lee Hendricks, Elem/Middle School Principal, ES International School, Barcelona, Spain.


Our school welcomes and thanks them for coming to visit us.


Shoreless Lake School

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