Two former students become priests

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JJ William


We proudly announce that William González Cedeño and James Joseph Kotch, both Shoreless Lake 2008 graduates,  will become priests on December 8th, 2016. Their Presbyteral Ordination will take place at St. Norbert Catholic Church, Sauk City, Wisconsin (USA) . Our thoughts and prayers are with them in such a momentous event in their lives. Congratulations!


Shoreless Lake School’s Profile of Graduates

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Shoreless Lake School’s Profile of Graduates

In our Self-Study for Accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), April 7-11, 2014, we had to describe the Profile of Graduates from Shoreless Lake School.

The Profile of Graduates provides the answer to the following question: When our students have completed our entire educational program and have had the benefit of the services and activities provided by the institution and its community:

·       What do we expect them to know?
·       What do we expect them to be able to do with what they know?
·       What qualities or characteristics do we want them to demonstrate?

A Profile of Graduates:

·       Describes the students at the point of exit from the institution.
·       States the values, achievement, and readiness that each student will manifest upon graduation.
·       Should be considered both as a Bill of Rights and set of corresponding responsibilities for students, faculty, staff, administration, and the institution’s community.
·       Defines the outcomes each and every student will attain if the mission is operative and appropriately translated into programs and services.

AP Diplomas

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We are proud to announce that our graduates of the Class of 2016 have been awarded with AP Diplomas in recognition of their exemplary college-level achievement on Advanced Placement exams.

Congratulation to the students and teachers for their outstanding performance!


Pablo Acuña

AP International Diploma
AP Scholar with Honor Award


           Juan Diego Borja

      AP International Diploma
AP Scholar with Distinction Award


            Jacob Kruchten

       AP International Diploma
 AP Scholar with Distinction Award


Stephanie Kotch

AP Scholar with Honor Award

Vivian de Silva

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It is with great sorrow that we announce the demise of our dear friend and benefactor, Vivian de Silva.
A faithful collaborator for almost as long as the SLS has been in Spain, Vivian volunteered as an ESL teacher during his first year with us and in subsequent years contributed to SLS with generous donations and efficient assistance with financial matters given his professional background in senior management. Always kind and supportive to SLS, Vivian will be sorely missed by the school community. May he rest in peace.


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On April 7th, SLS students had the amazing experience of visiting Europe’s largest Aquarium in Valencia.

Here they came into close contact with the principal marine ecosystems of the planet, which included wonderful species such as: sharks, penguins, dolphins, sea lions, walruses, beluga whales and MUCH MORE!

Hopefully you enjoy the pictures!


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