Consuelo Prats Redondo

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cpratsIt is with great pride and joy that we share with you that our dear Art History teacher, Dr. Consuelo Prats, PhD has obtained her tenure at the High Conservatory in Murcia. After several days of intense and exhausting examinations, she was granted the position and is now a professor.

Consuelo is the author of the book Música y músicos en la Catedral de Murcia: 1600-1750, a most important and thorough study, fruit of her painstaking research and investigation, and the result of years of hard work.

She has always been a close and cherished friend, and an invaluable collaborator at the school since the beginning.


XXII Short Story Competition Mariano Baquero Goyanes

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We have the pleasure to announce that Francisco Hernández, one of our 11th grade students, won first place in a prestigious regional writing contest: the XXII Concurso de Cuentos Mariano Baquero Goyanes (XXII Short Story Competition Mariano Baquero Goyanes).

Students from schools all over the Region of Murcia participated in this contest.

He won first place in the High School category with his original story called Lazos de la muerte (Bonds of Death). Congratulations to him and to his teacher, Ms. Daniela Zúñiga, who encouraged her students to participate in this contest.

Parque Minero de la Unión (Mines of La Unión)

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Our students from 4th, 5th and 6th grade enjoyed a wonderful visit to the mines of La Unión, located near Cartagena.

It was a magic day for all of them. They walked in the shoes of the miners and experienced what their life was like in the XIXth century.

These mines had great historical importance. Centuries ago, Carthaginians and Romans worked them, extracting silver and lead along with other minerals. Since those ancient times these mines were not worked again until the XIX century.

Going to these mines is a trip back in history, where you find an invaluable cultural, archaeological and industrial treasure hard to find anywhere else.

Here are some pictures of our little miners. Enjoy!!


(click on the picture to see more pictures)

Mid-Term Report MSA

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MSA CESS Logo 2news

We are very happy to announce that our Mid-Term Report has been accepted and highly commended by the Middle States Association.

When the Middle States Association (MSA) grants accreditation to a school there is an action plan for the schools to follow in order to retain their accredited status. One of the requirements of that action plan is the Mid-Term report.

Accreditation is an external, objective validation that ensures quality education and that fosters continuous school improvement.

Many congratulations to all members of Shoreless Lake School for their ceaseless endeavour to guarantee the best quality education!!


A walk through Sierra Espuña

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Our students enjoyed their free day discovering new paths and views in Sierra Espuña.

There is nothing better than to take a break in the middle of the week and spend it with your friends in touch with nature, and what a better place to go than the mountains that surround us?

Sierra Espuña is a beautiful place where you can appreciate undisturbed nature. There are wonderful views and if you don’t make too much noise, you can even see some of the wildlife, like the Spanish mountain goat.

There is always the challenge to find new paths as you can see in this link. This is the route that they followed that great day. Enjoy!!


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