Parque Minero de la Unión (Mines of La Unión)

Written by Carlos Prats. Posted in News

Our students from 4th, 5th and 6th grade enjoyed a wonderful visit to the mines of La Unión, located near Cartagena.

It was a magic day for all of them. They walked in the shoes of the miners and experienced what their life was like in the XIXth century.

These mines had great historical importance. Centuries ago, Carthaginians and Romans worked them, extracting silver and lead along with other minerals. Since those ancient times these mines were not worked again until the XIX century.

Going to these mines is a trip back in history, where you find an invaluable cultural, archaeological and industrial treasure hard to find anywhere else.

Here are some pictures of our little miners. Enjoy!!


(click on the picture to see more pictures)

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