Bernard Setter

Written by Carlos Prats Redondo. Posted in News

bernie setterOur dear Bernard (Bernie) Setter, faculty member since 1999-2000, died on Saturday, June 21st. A wonderful friend. Please pray for him.

"I remember exactly when I met Bernie Setter, who sadly died on Saturday 21st June 2014.

Sometime in 2003, the teachers and assistants were meeting as usual in the faculty room at lunch time. In walked Bernie, a very strong, upright man with white hair. He reminded me of my father until he spoke and this accent from somewhere in the south west of England came out, adding to the mixture of accents already existing in the room. His warmth was immediately evident.

When I saw him at the hospital just two days before his death, we spoke at length about the School. The old boys, some of them now priests.

Bernie belonged to the old brigade; he believed in respect and discipline, and he made the comment that “our” job was made easy because the children were under no misapprehension about the requirements expected from them.

Bernie was one of those people whom you remember with warmth, affection, and respect. Even though I did not see him very often over the last few years, he will be missed; and I am sure I speak for many people."

Christine Clark