Snow at SLS - January 2017!!

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Last Wednesday towards the end of a normal school day something unexpected happened. Everybody, students as well as faculty members, looked out the window and …it was snowing!
Here in Murcia, south of Spain, where the sun is always shining and temperatures are normally high, snow is not something that we are used to, so everybody went out of the classrooms and offices to enjoy it.
Here are some pictures of that historical and surprising afternoon!  

Trip to Granada - November 2016

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 IMG 9278
Some weeks ago our students enjoyed a wonderful trip to Granada where they visited the beautiful fortress-city called La Alhambra. There they were able to see the palaces, gardens and walls of this delightful city in ruins. 
La Alhambra is one of the most significant and well-known Islamic works of architecture in Spain. To finish this day our students also went to Sierra Nevada to enjoy a lovely afternoon in the snow. 
Here you can see some pictures of that day. 

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Written by Carlos Prats. Posted in Photo Album

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