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  • An integral education based on Catholic values and Tradition
  • An intellectual and scientific formation of the highest quality designed to prepare students for university study.
  • Academic credits recognized and accepted at any American or Spanish school or university.
  • A complete and most comprehensive education, as is proven by the acceptance of our students to worldwide prestigious universities such as Columbia (New York), Cornell (New York), Johns Hopkins (Maryland), Darmstadt (Germany), and others.


  • "The philosophy and objectives of SLS clearly state a focus on individual worth and dignity. The international nature of the student body at both SLS in Murcia and in New Jersey allows students to experience the opportunity to learn form other races and cultures”. Susan K. Nicklas, Report on the Candidacy Visit, MSA 1998.

  • "There is a significant classical component to the school as seen in the study of Latin, philosophy and arts. The importance of instilling a strong work ethic, making appropriate life choices, and the spirituality of life are emphasized. This is balanced with a contemporary and practical view of technology, physical fitness, and recreation”. Susan K. Nicklas , Report on the Candidacy Visit, MSA 1998.

  • "The SLS at Murcia is a unique school offering quality education to students. […] The dedication of the administration, faculty and students to the ideals and philosophy of the school is remarkable”. Susan K. Nicklas,Report on the Candidacy Visit, MSA 1998.

  • “As a team we were most impressed with the warm, loving atmosphere which is evident throughout the entire school community. The rapport among students, faculty, administration, and parents demonstrates a clear and positive attitude of pride, concern, and satisfaction for your school. […] The Validation Team witnessed the entire faculty serving as role models, by their cooperation and respect for each other, by their sensitivity to student needs and their appreciation of students individuality, creativity and potential. In addition, the Team was very impressed with the entire staff for their collegiality, warmth and support provided for one another. Indeed, the spirit of cooperation and loyalty has contributed to many positive things that are happening at SLS at Murcia.” Timothy M. Sierer, Report of the NSSE Student Performance Validation Team, MSA 2000.

  • “SLS remains a special place – an institution devoted to the highest standards of academic achievement within a learning environment defined by prodigious quantities of kindness, love and respect.” Steven W. Medeiros, AFG Mid-Point Review, MSA 2002.

  • “The school is an excellent academic institution. Staff development efforts, instituted to help the school meet its goals, have created a culture of professional sharing, especially in the lower school, that has improved professional communication and led to the creation of a genuine community of learners at SLS.” Steven W. Medeiros, AFG Mid-Point Review, MSA 2002.

Shoreless Lake School

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30850 Totana, Murcia
Tel.: 34 968 424386
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