Philosophy and Goals

Written by Carlos Prats. Posted in Philosophy and Goals


SLS, seeking an integral education of the human being, is the result of a long-cherished dream of the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest: to make available to young people an indispensable and total formation based in Catholic values and tradition. Such a lofty endeavor will be achieved on both intellectual and moral levels.

On the intellectual level, Shoreless Lake School will provide the students with the deepest and most comprehensive education. It will be based in a straightforward and non-compromising love of the truth, goodness and beauty as the Catholic tradition understands those trascendentals, and always in the purest and most excellent academic terms.


  • To lead students to a knowledge of languages, literature, social studies, philosophy, mathematics, sciences, arts and the classics through a course of studies across all grade levels.
  • To guide students toward career paths by providing them with the knowledge, tools, counseling, and experience that will enable them to make well-informed, appropiate choices.
  • To instill in students a work ethic that exemplifies the beauty of using their talents, skills, and intellects to their fullest capacity and propounds work as a partnership with and a product of love for God.
  • To invite young people to perfect the image of Jesus Christ within themselves by centering every aspect of their education in the fundamentals, ideals, values and tradition of Catholicism. 

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