Mission and Beliefs

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biblecandleShoreless Lake School at Murcia (Spain), an American international school, founded by the Reverend Alfonso Gálvez Morillas, guarantees to young people an integral and total education based in Catholic values and tradition, and provides students with an intellectual and scientific formation of the highest caliber by offering a rigorous College-preparatory Educational Program combined with a profound Christian life at the Boarding residence.

A graduate from Shoreless Lake School would have developed critical reading, problem solving, and technology skills as well as knowledge of the environment, recognition of humanistic insight in history, an appreciation of arts, and above all, a true Christian life.

A graduate from Shoreless Lake School should be fluent in both English and Spanish and have a deep knowledge of Latin.

A graduate from SLS should have a keen sense of honor, integrity, devotion to his work, ambition without limits for goodness and wisdom, perceptiveness, perseverance, flexibility, culture, cordiality, prudence and good humor.



Our school’s Beliefs are:

  • Auctoritasthe human being was created in the image and likeness of God, and has been gifted with intellect and will to know and love God and all His creation.
  • only by developing intellectual and spiritual power to their paramount heights can the human being reach his full stature as image of God.
  • the end and essence of the education imparted at SLS is the formation in our students of the perfect image of Jesus Christ.
  • great things cannot be understood or achieved but through work, and maximum performance in study, if the Christian happens to be a student.
  • work in itself is beautiful because through it man becomes a partner of God in the natural creation and in the building of His supernatural Kingdom.
  • youth is a time for generosity, for self-giving to high ideals, for setting out after great adventures.
  • young people are quite capable of falling in love with God and offering Him, out of love, the best of their intellects and of their hearts.
  • it is our responsibility to provide our students with an academic and spiritual environment conducive to learning that will guarantee our students will fit the Profile of Graduates.

Shoreless Lake School

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