Faculty and Staff

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Board of Directors / trustees

  • Fr. Alfonso Gálvez - President
  • Fr. Octavio Carpena - Headmaster
  • Ms. Diana Carles - Alumni - Dean of Faculty
  • Ms. Daniela Zúñiga  - Faculty member
  • Fr. Pedro Javier Moya - Faculty member and Spiritual Director
  • Fr. Jared Hood - Alumni - Faculty member and Guidance Deparment Director


·        Fr. Alfonso Gálvez

- Attorney at Law, University of Murcia.

- Bachelor in Theology, Seminary of Murcia.

·        Fr. Octavio Carpena

- BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University Autónoma of Madrid (UAM), Spain.

- MS, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.

- Bachelor in Theology, Universidad de Navarra. 

·        Fr. Jared Hood

- BA English Philology, Universidad de Murcia.

- Bachelor in Theology, Universidad de Navarra.

·        Fr. Pedro J. Moya

- BA Philosophy, Universidad of Murcia.

- Bachelor in Theology, Universidad Pontificia, Burgos, Spain.

·        Fr. Carlos Prats

- MD, Universidad de Murcia, Spain.

- Bachelor in Theology, Universidad Pontificia, Burgos, Spain.

·        Fr. Juan A. de Jorge

- Attorney at Law, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.

- Ph. D. Canon Law, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain.

- Bachelor in Theology, Universidad Pontificia, Burgos, Spain. 

·        Ms. Diana Carles

- BA English and Classical Humanities, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.

·        Ms. Daniela Zúñiga

- BA Spanish Philology, Universidad de Murcia, Spain.

- MA European Literature, Universidad de Murcia, Spain.

·        Ms. Francisca Zúñiga

- BA History, Universidad de Murcia, Spain.

·        Ms. Gina Bravo

- BS Biology, Universidad de Murcia, Spain.

··      Mrs. Consuelo Prats

- BA History and Geography, Universidad de Murcia, Spain.

- Professor of Music, High Conservatory of Murcia.

- PhD Universidad de Murcia, Spain.

  Mr. Iain Clark

MA (ED) Mathematics Education, The University of SouthamptonA (ED), United Kingdom.

- B Ed (hons), Secondary Education (11-18) Mathematics specialism with Computer Science as subsidiary subject, King Alfred’s College, Winchester, United Kingdom.        

Ms. Caridad Aliaga

       - BA Dramatic Art, Escuela de Arte Dramático, Murcia, Spain. 

Mr. Jesús Gálvez García

       - Architect, Universidad de Alicante, Spain. 

Mrs. Susan Fenton

       - MA Hons (Cantab) in Classics (Latin and Greek Philosophy and Literature), Minor in Literature, Cambridge University, UK. 

Assistant Teachers

·        Maureen Hansford, English Department

-Currently retired from working as owner and teacher in a kindergarten center at the UK (Montessori system).

·        Michael Cater, Physical Education

-Southampton College, United Kingdom.

-Qualifie Cartographical Surveyor.

-Officer and Pilot in Royal Air Force.

-Civilian Senior Captain / Training Captain on Big Jets with Laker Airways, Gulf Air and Singapore Airlines.

·        John Sloman, Sciences Department (Laboratory Instructor)

-BSc CChem MRSC, Luton College of Higher Education, United Kingdom.

-Retired Chief Chemist, Consultant, Construction Materials Testing Ltd Prime Parkway, Derby, U.K.


·        John OsborneEnglish Department


·        Mrs. Jean Cremer

       -English Department


1.     Theology

  • Fr. Alfonso Gálvez, Head of Department
  • Fr. Juan A. de Jorge
  • Fr. Jared Hood
  • Fr. Octavio Carpena
  • Ms. Francisca Zúñiga

2.        Humanities: Social Studies, History, Geography, Philosophy, World Literature, Art History, Music and Fine Arts

  • Ms. Francisca Zúñiga, Head of Department
  • Fr. Pedro Javier Moya
  • Fr. Jared Hood
  • Ms. Diana Carles
  • Mrs. Consuelo Prats
  • Fr. Octavio Carpena
  • Mr. Jesús Gálvez Jr.


3.       English

  • Ms. Diana Carles, Head of Department
  • Mrs. Susan Fenton
  • Maureen Hansford (English as a Second Language, ESL)
  • John Osborne (ESL)
  •  Jean Cremer (ESL)

4.       Modern Language

  • Ms. Daniela Zúñiga, Head of Department 
  • Ms. Caridad Aliaga (SSL and French)

5.      Classics

  • Fr. Jared Hood, Head of Department
  • Fr. Octavio Carpena
  • Fr. Carlos Reinoso, Consultant
  • Ms. Diana Carles
  • Fr. William González, Consultant

6.      Science

  • Fr. Octavio Carpena, Head of Department
  • Ms. Gina Bravo
  • Fr. Carlos Prats
  • Mr. John Sloman
  • Mr. Jesús Gálvez, Jr.

7.      Mathematics

  • Mr. Iain Clark, Head of Department
  • Fr. Carlos Prats
  • Ms. Francisca Zúñiga
  • Mr. Jesús Gálvez Morillas

8.      Computer Science

  • Fr. Carlos Prats, Head of Department
  • Mr. Iain Clark
  • Mr. Jesús Gálvez, Jr.
  • Mr. Carlos J. Martínez
  • Fr. Juan A. Albaladejo, Consultant

9.        Physical Education

  • Mr. Michael Cater, Head of Department

10.      Guidance

  • Fr. Jared Hood, Head of Department
  • Ms. Diana Carles
  • Fr. Pedro J. Moya
  • Fr. Octavio Carpena

Homeroom Teachers and Tutors

  • Ms. Francisca Zúñiga,  5th and 6th  Grades
  • Ms. Daniela Zúñiga, 7th Grade
  • Ms. Diana Carles, 8th Grade
  • Ms. Gina Bravo, 9th Grade
  • Fr. Octavio Carpena, 10th and 11th Grade

Other Staff members

  • Ms. Marisol Matus, School Secretary
  • Fr. Carlos Prats, Business Manager / School Medical Doctor
  • Mr. Pablo Carrasco, Head of Maintenance
  • Mr. Jeremías Reyes, Maintenance

School Consultants

  • Mr. William O´Hale, Former Headmaster, American School of Madrid.
  • Mr. Joseph L. Hood, Former Superintendent of Schools, Mechanicsburg Area School District, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Dr. José M. Abad, Ph.D., History and Geography, University of Murcia, Spanish Department of Education and Culture (MEC).
  • Dr. Ramón O. Carpena, Ph.D., Chemistry, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
  • Dr. Susan Hill: BS Applied Sciences University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom; PhD University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

Steering committee / planning team 

MSA Visit, March 15-17, 2021)

     -          Fr. Octavio Carpena, Headmaster - International Coordinator.
-          Ms. Diana Carles, Alumni, Dean - International Coordinator.
-          Mr. Iain Clark, Faculty member.
-          Ms. Marisol Matus, School Secretary.
-          Fr. Jared Hood, Alumni, Director of Guidance Department. 
-          Fr. Pedro Escribano , Principal ( SLS Wisconsin).
-          Mrs. Peggy Kruchten, School Secretary (SLS Wisconsin).

Shoreless Lake School

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Tel.: 34 968 424386
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