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School Building

The school building is a bright, clean, and spacious structure that offers spectacular vistas of the countryside. Classrooms, meeting rooms, a dining room, functional work spaces, a large study area, a kitchen, a chapel, administrative offices, and ample storage areas meet all practical demands of students and staff; high-speed Internet access, networked computers, DVD players, and other learning media resources meet all their educational needs.

Eleven acres of ground in a natural environment provide excellent resources for recreational activity as well as for enrichment of the academic program.


Student Activity Center

The Student Activity Center is only a thirty-minute drive away to Mazarrón, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This center offers a wide variety of activities for both boarding and day students that include swimming, fishing, gardening, raising and tending animals, and watching films. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including a collection of over 1000 DVD videos and an extensive collection of video games and software.

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Shoreless Lake School

Apdo. 239
30850 Totana, Murcia
Tel.: 34 968 424386
Fax: 34 968 158833